The Inner West Hemp experience 1

The Inner West Hemp experience

By Amy Stevenson

Is there anything worse than not getting a good sleep? For me, there is not. I’m a light sleeper at best and have physically jumped out of bed during a thunderstorm on more than one occasion. Worse case I’m unable to “switch off” and spend the night tossing and turning, and wake up tired, grumpy, and as if I could sleep for days.


Because of this, as you can imagine, I’m pretty experienced in trying to find something… anything, to help me sleep on those nights I can’t seem to get any shut eye. This is where Inner West Hemp comes in.

I was recently given the opportunity to try two products, Full Spectrum Oil and Isolate Oil and it could possibly be the best thing I have ever come across. Full disclosure, when the oils turned up in the mail, I was coming off the back of a few nights of shitty sleep where I managed to only get eight hours rest over two nights. I was T-I-R-E-D.


While not unfamiliar with using CBD oil, I hadn’t used it continuously, and while I felt I got some benefits with the brand I tried previously, I wasn’t completely sold on it. I can safely say that has changed for me, and the products from Inner West Hemp worked better than I had expected.

I decided to try the Full Spectrum Oil to improve my sleep, and it has, majorly. There’s only been a handful of times in the last few weeks since I started taking the oil that I haven’t used it, and more often than not, I notice the difference in my quality of sleep.


The best thing about using the Full Spectrum at night for me is the fact the next morning I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to get out of bed when my alarm goes off. Previously, I had trouble waking up and felt a bit hazy in the mornings, but not with this oil! While I may not be completely knocked-out cold, and still find myself waking up a couple of times throughout the night, when taking Full Spectrum Oil before bed, I find these moments are few and far between, and I get back to sleep quickly.


1500mg Mint FS Small
1500mg Mint ISO Small

Meanwhile, with the Isolate Oil, I’ve started taking that in the morning. After having major spinal surgery when I was 13, I’ve been left with less than desirable aches and pains. While my spinal fusion was successful all those years ago, it’s the standard pains you can imagine from having such a procedure and turning 30 earlier this year.


For me personally, using the Isolate Oil allows me to function throughout the day, and eases the aches and pains associated with my back, and I feel virtually pain and niggle-free, especially when using other pain relief when needed. I’m a big fan of Reformer Pilates and Yoga, plus I’m runner. In my experience, I’m finding the Isolate Oil, with my exercise is the perfect combination to help me feel healthy and fit.


While everyone is different, and no two people can be expected to have the exact same result, for me, using Inner West Hemp’s Full Spectrum and Isolate Oil has made a vast improvement to my sleep, and overall health. It’s something I’ll be continuing to use and recommending to friends who are interested in trying CBD for the first time!


If you’re interested in reading and finding out more about CBD and how they might be beneficial to you, head to the Inner West Hemp blog.

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