Nano Soft Gels

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  • 25mg of nano emulsified CBD per soft gel
  • 30 soft gels per container
  • Full spectrum formula
  • Great addition to your supplement routine
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Nano emulsification: meaning it absorbs in your body super quick. For those who want the reap the benefits of CBD as quickly as possible, or if you simply prefer the ease of a soft gel capsule to add to your daily routine, Inner West Hemp Nano Soft Gels are for you.

We source our raw materials from registered industrial hemp farms that produce the most pure and natural hemp in the USA. Our hemp is organically grown, pesticide free, and non-GMO.

27 reviews for Nano Soft Gels

  1. Charles

    This is an exceptional help for anxiety and nerves. The medical industry should not only prescribe an addictive drug like lorazepam when this would work. Of course everyones system reacts different but it sure is worth the try.

  2. Peter

    These pills changed my life. I have suffered severe anxiety and PTSD for years now and it has made my life a nightmare. I have a prescribed medication for this and it does help don’t get me wrong but even so I still would get nausea from my anxiety and struggle with negative thoughts especially at night. Since I got these pills, I no longer suffer from nightmares, anxiety nausea, or even much anxiety at all. They saved my life.

  3. Hannah Jefferson

    I have suffered with arthritis for several years now and have been taking all sorts of pain relievers, none of which worked for long. For the past month I have taken three of these capsules every day and feel significant relief. The pain is not gone completely, but it has lessened considerably. Knowing that it is a natural product sets my mind at rest as well.

  4. Kelvin

    Since I’ve been using the hemp oil gel capsules, my energy level has increased tremendously. My blood pressure has lowered. Stress level has lowered. I don’t feel anxious anymore. I truly believe this is a miracle.

  5. Jefferson

    They are softgel capsules so they are easy to take. I take two per day as recommended and my skin is so soft.

  6. Stanley

    Has limited my pain and helps me sleep.

  7. Bellamy Shaw

    I have been taking these for almost two months, and they have helped with pain in my knees and hips, so I will probably keep taking these. After another three bottles I will know more definitively whether or not there is any continuing improvement.

  8. Davidson Lam

    I am very impressed on the effectiveness of this supplement. I had started having a high level of anxiety last January . Dr. put me on two meds to control. I was skeptical but i ordered this supplement and I cannot even tell you how happy I have been with this product. I don’t know if it will work for everyone but I am noticeably calmer and encouraged by this supplement. I just ordered again.Thank you!

  9. Peter Konon

    This stuff is great!! My main use is due to anxiety! I could not sleep at night. I would toss and turn all night with a heavy feeling of constant dread.. Now that I found this product I sleep 7 hours plus a night with no problem. Great product!

  10. Karen

    I purchased the product during a difficult time in my life. I had a very stressful job, long commute and my Dad was dying. I was taking Xanax every day. The original reason for my purchase was for the pain relief but the biggest thing I noticed was the calming effect. One day I just realized that I had not taken Xanax in more than a week and I was coping a lot better with my stress. I recommend it to everyone I know that feels stressed or uptight. It really works!!

  11. Gary

    Great stuff relieved the Arthritis pain in my neck

  12. Richardson Simpson

    I use this product for pain relief especially at night. I have neuropathy in my feet (caused by chemotherapy drugs) and taking this full spectrum capsule twice a day helps me sleep without discomfort.

  13. Geldmeier

    I am very impressed on the effectiveness of this supplement. I had started having a high level of anxiety last January. This soft gels has made the changes I needed.

  14. Nancy Rihmas

    I started this the day it came after taking it for 3 days I felt 100% better! I have not had an anxiety or panic attack in over 10 days! I have told everyone who suffers like I was to look into this because it works!!

  15. Austin

    I decided to try this because I was so impeded by my arthritis that life was passing me by. I’m so glad I did. This Hemp Oil has changed my life. Thanks for a great product..

  16. Lesley

    This is the only thing that has helped with the spastic neuropathy pain in my feet and legs. I can actually sleep at night again and it doesn’t take hours trying to get comfortable, well worth the time to try it.

  17. Randall Harris

    Great soft gel relieved the Arthritis pain in my neck.

  18. Roietta Shore

    I’m quite happy with this product. It seems to have moderated some of the pain/inflammation from three gad disks in my back, and the resulting sciatica. Discomfort is not all gone, but for ordinary everyday activities, it seems to help.

  19. Lucille

    I am so glad I found this product, since I started using this nano soft gel, I have more energy and I feel great. I have joint issues and I can say it has helped the pain in my hip and back.

  20. Linda

    This stuff really help with arthritis pain and stiff knee and hip joints. Also seems to take the edge off when you need to sleep.

  21. Harrison.

    I have been using this soft gel capsules for almost a year now I had high blood pressure. Now when I have my blood pressure taken it has perfect results.

  22. Ferdinand Kelvin

    I used to take soft gel regularly for the health benefits but it never really agreed with my stomach. A friend of mine recommended this brand and I absolutely love it! I even give some to my dog and her coat has never looked better.

  23. Kathy Tobin

    This product has helped control the pain in my knee. Thanks!

  24. Charity M.

    I was skeptical about trying this but I have been pleased with the results I am experiencing. I have so much more energy during the day and am even sleeping better at night.

  25. Irene Garcia

    Great product, works greatly for me.

  26. Samuel

    Very good, helps my knees. Can always tell when I take it. Take it at night helps with sleep.

  27. Jennifer Miane

    This seems to help with my stiff joints without causing any stomach discomfort. Doesn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth or have any other unpleasant side effects.

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