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Name: Jake Smith
Nickname: Smithy
Age: 24
Hometown: Goolgowi, Australia
Level of Impact: Freestyle Motocross
Favourite IWH Product: Sleep Spray
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Ever wanted to learn to flip a motorbike so badly that you couldn’t wait for a foam pit? We didn’t think so! But allow us to introduce someone who did exactly that, Jake Smith. Growing up in rural New South Wales Australia Jake was fixated on the mind blowing tricks being performed by freestyle motocross riders, particularly the shows put on by the Crusty Demons. Freestyle motocross takes focus and determination, foam pits also come in handy but are not always accessible. For Jake, this wasn’t about to hold him back from achieving his goals so he decided to learn to flip… without a foam pit. 

Since he began riding at the age of 4 Jake has gone on to ride along side other top FMX athletes as a part of the ‘Freestlye Kings’ FMX team performing in Australia, USA, and China. His biggest accomplishment to date was performing in the Crusty Demons 2019 Tour. In the tough world of motor sport Jake has remained persistent yet humble. Want to know more about this incredibly talented High Impact Human? Video interview with Jake Smith below!