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Harleys and Hooligans

You could hear it coming from mile away, the motorcycle equivalent of an American muscle car. A classic, big and loud Harley Davidson. From the streets of Milwaukee to the screens in shows like Sons of Anarchy, Harleys have long been associated with what is commonly known as a “Biker Gang”. Picture beards, leather, boots, and tattoos. You know what I’m talking about.

Now picture this: dirt track, typical motocross gear, families with young kids, and Harley Davidsons. There you have the first ever ‘V-Twin Hooligans’ flat track event, held on the 15th of August 2020 in Queensland Australia. A fun filled family day out at the track to kick up some dust. The brain child of local boy Mitch Harwood, Tom Bennett, and Bryan Farrow the event was bought to life. Photographer Tom Bennett was on hand throughout the day to capture some epic photos. 

harleys and hooligans

It isn’t really an event day in Queensland unless a whole months’ worth of rainfall is dumped on the track the night before. The event organisers were faced with the challenge hours before the gates were due to open, cutting the top layer off the track seemed like the only option to prepare for the gang of Harleys to slide into action. The southern Queensland town of Ipswich came through on the day of the event, with blue skies and warm weather, what more could you want? But was the track ready..

harleys and holligans

The first lap of the day may as well have been on wet grass, it was so slick from the rain that many of the riders couldn’t even move out of first gear. The officials quickly decided to bring in machines and attempt to bring it back to a ridable level. In come the 4×4’s to break through the layer of mud so that the grader could work its magic. After a total of 60 minutes the track was back to perfection. Let’s ride!

harleys and hooligans

The first lap back after maintenance was nothing short of relief, maintaining so much moisture for a sticky surface which would later carve into a desired groove by the first heat race. Bryan Farrow was on fire, winning all hole-shots, all his heat races, all his semis, and even the final event for the day. Well done Bryan. The final event for the day saw Bryan Farrow, Mitch Harwood, Kye Thomson, John Williamson, Rob Mudge, and Scott Campbell go head to head. In the final round, Bryan makes the hole shot, but not without the pressure from Mitch right behind him. Mitch put it all on the line coming into the second last lap and attempting to pass Bryan on the outside, but ultimately low siding and going down. Kye had borrowed a bike for the day that he had never ridden before, and put up a good fight against John. The podium results were in: 1st Bryan Farrow, 2nd John Williamson, 3rd Kye Thomson. 

These events don’t come together without the support of its sponsors, and Inner West Hemp were more than happy to jump on board with this ‘first of its kind’ event, in support of those who like the same cool shit we do! Inner West Hemp provided some special prizes for the event winners including our infamous t-shirt designed by Sydney local artist Sindy Sinn. Stickers and our brand logo were found throughout the day. 


harleys and hooligans

After the success of the first event the boys have already locked in a date for event number two! Coming up on the 24th of October 2020 stay tuned on the ‘V-Twin Hooligans’ Facebook and Instagram pages. If you haven’t seen a flat track event before then make sure to get to this one. If you haven’t seen Harley Davidsons competing in a flat track event before, then definitely get to this one. Queensland is home to many motorsport events that are a perfect day out for the whole family, and flat track events are a unique experience in their own right. The skill required to control the power behind an 80 horse power machine weighing in at around 200 kilograms, while it slides around some dirt corners is phenomenal. Have you ever lost traction in a car on a rainy day? It probably terrified you for a moment! That was with four wheels, imagine sliding when you only have two wheels to play with, it’s called ‘talent’. 

harleys and hooligans

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