Introducing the creators behind Inner West Hemp, two stunt performers with very different backgrounds.


Meet Jake: Motocross was a family favorite during Jake’s childhood, so naturally he grew up riding bike, bikes, and more bikes. Living a stones throw away from one of the best beaches in the world also called for surfing, skateboarding, and BMX. Jake has since found that if he transferred his skills of falling off motorbikes and skateboard to the stunt industry, he can get paid for it!Inner West Hemp, Jake


Meet Mel: Some people aren’t sure what they want to be when they “grow up”, but Mel always knew she wanted to be a Power Ranger… well stunts is basically the same thing right? With a strong background in gymnastics and various styles of Martial Arts Mel had a great base for the stunt industry. Since getting into stunts Mel also found a niche in vehicles and loves to throw around cars as much as her body. 

Inner West Hemp, Mel


Being stunt performers for film and television we’ve learnt that gravity is often not friendly… and from our experience you will always come off second best. We rely on our products to ensure we can head back to set day after day while keeping up with the high stresses put on the body and mind from a fast paced, high impact line of work.

We began using CBD after a friend in the hemp industry recommended it as an alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals, we noticed benefits nearly immediately and have never looked back. Naturally we decided to educate ourselves thoroughly on cannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system and how we can use the benefits to keep our bodies in top performance mode. 

We started Inner West Hemp to support the lifestyle of fellow high impact humans and to ensure our customers know they are receiving the highest quality, 3rd party tested, non GMO products to keep their body and mind functioning at its true potential!